Looking for info about the sessions, tickets, access? You're at the right place!

When are the sessions?

The sessions will take place on 8 days (4 days a week), from September 10 till September 20.

What are the sessions hour?

"Opening hours: Thu - Fri: 17:00 - 23:00 / Sat - Sun: 14:00 - 22:00
Ticket holders are required to present themselves at the entrance before 18:00 if possible. "

Where can I find the line-up?

You can find the line-up per day here: Music

What kind of music?

For these sessions, we want to create a complete different but intimate atmosphere. Music will be slow and ambient, ranging from jazz to downtempo. Have a listen to our carefully selected artists, here!

Where can I buy my ticket?

Here’s a link to our ticketshop: tickets

What's the price for a ticket?

The ticket costs between 30€ and 45€ per person/per day.
Here’s a link to our ticketshop: tickets

How many tickets can I order?

Tickets are sold for boats of 6 or boats of 8 people.

Can I change the day of my ticket?

No sorry, you can’t. Check Ticketswap

What if it rains?

Please take your raincoat with you in case of showers. Notice, if heavy rain prevents us from having a session on a certain night, we will postpone the event to another weekend in September.

What about mosquitos?

Mosquitos are the favorite inhabitants of the Calmeyn Castle lake, please take some mosquito repellent with you.

Is it going to be cold out there?

Yes, in the evening the temperature might drop quite a bit, not to mention we are on the water... Think about taking a warm pull-over/coat with you for when it gets chillier.

Will there be food?

Yes, you can purchase a vegetarian and healthy picnic for 4 people that consists of an assortiment of sandwiches, quiches, crispy vegetables with dip, parmesan crisps, grissinis and apples. These baskets will be on sale in our online shop and at the event.
Please note that it is forbidden to bring your own food.

Will there be drinks?

Of course! There will be a bar available during the whole event. Please note that it is forbidden to bring your own drinks.

Is there a ticket office at the entrance?

No, sorry. Due to the Covid-19 rules, we can't sell tickets at the entrance. Only online.

How do I get there?

It goes without saying that we recommend you to use your bike or public transport to get to the sessions. There will be a bike parking at the entrance. The STIB trams 32 and 82 stop in front of the domain (stop at Drogenbos Château) as well as De Lijn busses 153 and 154 (stop at Drogenbos Calmeyn).

By public transport? Train station?

From Brussels-Midi, you can take the tram 82 to Drogenbos Château.

Parking for bikes and cars

The bike parking is free and the car parking costs 5€ per car.


On-site payments can only be made by credit card. Please download the app Payconiq by Bancontact in order to pay on site.


Paradise City puts the safety of its visitors, artists and team first. Strict measures will be imposed based on the Covid-19 govermental directives:

  • Each ticket purchased is in the name of its holder
  • There will be drinks and food available, before and during the sessions
  • No dancing allowed on the boats. You can stand or sit.
  • No more than 8 people per boat. Be sure to meet up with your whole bubble before getting on your boat
  • All staff and crew will wear masks
  • Wash and disinfect your hands whenever possible
  • Respect social distancing. Keep 1,5m distance from each other when queueing
  • Please stay home if you feel sick or unwell
  • You need to wear your mask, except if you are on the boat with your bubble
  • On-site payments can only be made by credit card. Please download the app Payconiq by Bancontact in order to pay on site

How can I contact you for press-related questions?

Send an email to ann@pravdapressroom.com and/or tom@pravdapressroom.com (Object: Paradise City Sessions)